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Your personal information is secure. Your personal information is only used for loan processing, and we will not sell, trade or rent your personal financial information to any other entity.


Applying for a loan with Loans Realty Group is easy. Fill out one of our Loan Request Forms and a loan advisor will contact you to discuss the options available to you.



Processing Your Loan


After you have provided the financial information, the loan will be processed and other information will be compiled, including:

  • An appraisal from an independent appraisal service

  • A preliminary title report from a title insurance company

  • Payoff quotes for loans to be paid off

  • Other third party documentation required to clear title

  • A complete credit report to verify balances owing and monthly payments

Once the appraisal and title reports are received, the loan is given final approval, a formality in most cases. If there is a problem at this stage your Loan Consultant will contact you to resolve it. The loan is then prepared for closing and sent to the settlement escrow agent.



Signing and Closing

Your settlement escrow agent will call you to set up an appointment to sign your final loan papers. If you need to bring money to close the loan, you will be asked to bring a certified check for the remainder of the closing costs and down payment. After you sign, the settlement escrow agent will arrange for the final loan papers to be reviewed and legally recorded.

For Purchase Closing
Once all necessary individuals have signed the appropriate papers, the purchase transaction can close that following day! Your Loan Consultant will contact you the day your new home loan legally records and closes.


Additional requirement: We cannot process your loan application without these Loans Realty Group - Disclosures:

The applicant must print, sign and date the following Loans Realty Group - Disclosures and fax to (510) 280-0864. We will call you to confirm we have received your application and Disclosures.

Click here for Loans Realty Group - Disclosure.


For our Loans Realty Group Loan Consultants Only:

Credit Report Website Access


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